About Us

About us


Chairman of the Boards
Ray Chen

Ray was appointed as the Vice Chairman & CSO of Compal Electronics Inc. since 1989. He has been successfully bringing the company to a better position by his outstanding vision. While under his leadership, Compal went public in 1991. Ray currently leads the operations not only in Compal Electronics Inc., but also in invested companies like Toppoly, Compal Communication Inc. and Int'l Semiconductor Technology Ltd.
After integrating resources with Arcadyan, Compal will be able to create a complete wireless communications business. The new business will move into the areas of digital multimedia home applications and dual-mode phones by utilizing Arcadyan's Internet protocol technology. Ray Chen is aiming at merger and acquisition opportunities to diversify its product portfolio and increase margins.

Edward Tseng

In 2017, Edward took Arcadyan to walk out of the traditional OEM/ODM mindset to accumulate rich software power, bringing innovative value to Arcadyan’s products. In 1992, Edward joined Arcadyan as the vice president to the Sales Center of Accton and became vice president to the Sales and Marketing of Arcadyan after a corporate restructuring in 2003. With over 30 years of experience in network communication, he led his team and customers to co-develop visionary and differential hardware and software solutions. Edward is good at marketing and has built the global team for Arcadyan, including a number of sales locations and production bases, allowing Arcadyan to become one of the indispensable players in the world’s top-tier telecommunications supply chain. Listening to classical music and jogging are Edward’s favorite pastimes.

Executive Vice President
Mike Lu

Mike is known for his visionary and entrepreneurial approach to managing business in developing markets. By combining technical expertise with market knowledge, Mike continues to lead businesses into new directions. As the distinguished experiences in Accton Group, Mike has successfully grown the business from a "startup" to a full-fledged business with first-to-market products. Mike has held several positions with Accton Group in the USA, Taiwan, China and Australia in the areas of R & D, production, marketing and business management in a wide range of applications and specifically specializing in various products for the wireless telecommunications industry. During his time away from work, Mike enjoys table tennis, golf, movie and music.

Senior Vice President
Janet Chen

Janet has been with Arcadyan since beginning. Prior to joining Arcadyan, she was Vice president of R&D for Broadnet technology and the project leader of the government funded project for Institute for Information Industry (III). Before that, she worked for circuit switching and packet switch network projects in US. With her more than 20 years of experience in the area of telecommunication and Internetworking, Janet  brings a new managing sprint to Arcadyan engineering teams in Taiwan, China and the US to fulfill customers’ different requirements.  Janet loves reading, she also enjoy Badminton, bicycling, yoga and jogging during her leisure time.

Hardware R&D and New Business Center Vice President
Eric Kuo

Eric has been vice president of the Wireless Broadband Communication BU of Delta Networks. After joining Arcadyan, Eric is committed to the R&D of new wireless technologies and products and support for product promotion. He has led Arcadyan’s hardware R&D team to successfully develop products for integrating wireless high-speed fiber-optic broadband and successfully promoted related products to telecommunication companies in Europe and the USA. At the Autotronic BU, Eric has led the R&D team to develop the mmWave inner wheel difference radar that complies with the EU 151 Regulations and successfully promoted the radar to electric buses and trucks. Aerobic boxing and reading magazines are the favorite pastimes of Eric.

Software R&D Vice President
Thomas Lee

Thomas has been the R&D AVP of Accton. After joining Arcadyan, Thomas has led the software department to successfully design the network communication system equipped with the Wi-Fi SON function and promoted the product to a top-tier client, making Arcadyan a major software supplier of that client. Thomas has taken Arcadyan to walk out of the OEM/ODM mindset to provide customers with complete wireless communication solutions through its own soft power and create unrivaled product value. Thomas loves reading books with original and brainstorming books. Even in the daily routines, Thomas has done repeated practice and thinking to extract the extraordinary truth. Taiji for spiritual development and ecological photography are the favorite pastimes of Thomas.

Europe Sales Center Vice President
Raymond Hsiung

Raymond was once Director of the Sales Center of Accton, and Associate Vice President of the Sales & Marketing Center of Arcadyan. While working for Arcadyan, he led his team to successfully develop telecom customers in Latin America and devoted himself to strategic cooperation with upstream chipset suppliers. He is good at leading the team to come up with creative ideas according to his international and diversified vision. He is now responsible for leading the global sales & marketing team to promote and develop business, helping the company to set the goals for its global market strategy and plan customer-oriented product marketing strategies. During his time away from work, Raymond places great importance on staying healthy and likes running and playing ball games.

Operation Vice President
David Liu

David takes charge of product quality management, production process control, customer satisfaction. With over 15 years of practical experience in quality assurance, manufacturing management, customer service, and project management, David is committed to turning Arcadyan into a supplier of world-class network communication products supplying customers with 7-24 services and product and production information. Arcadyan is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with production bases in China and Vietnam and major suppliers in all parts of the Asia Pacific. Besides coordinating the information and resources across Asia-Pacific, David takes charge of the manufacturing quality and production efficiency at Arcadyan.

Chief Financial Officer
Darren Huang

Darren is mostly responsible for organizing the financial strategy for the Group and strengthening fund use. Darren served as; (1) the Senior Manager in Compal Communications and (2) the Deputy Director in Compal Electronics, and has a wealth of experience and practice of accounting. Darren likes to travel, play sports and listen to music during his free time.